Analogy I am not proud of

I like to explain ideas, stories, concepts with analogies, anecdotes and examples. But this reflection did not make me happy.

As I entered my society, returning from college, I saw a mere 7-8 year old girl struggle riding a bicycle.

The bicycle had side-wheels, so what was the struggle?

She was struggling to ride that bicycle because she was putting so much pressure on the pedals, so she can move forward.

The irony is that the side-wheels were adding so much friction. And that's when I realized that there will come a time when you need to let go of your soft cushion, your safety net, your side wheels to move further, faster.

You never know if what you think you are supported by becomes a friction and holds you back.

You need to let go of those side wheels to fly.

The analogy that I am not proud of was that I linked it to parents being those support wheels.