A pattern about building things

This is a pattern.

I remember, in school I used to multiply and divide with the exact numbers. My older brother used to tell me that I can cancel out common factors. And I used to challenge that I could do it fast enough. Until I was actually taught in class that common factors should be cancelled out.

Apparently, I still seem to follow it.

When I was starting out in tech - I built a To Do List website - Just Do It.

I remember the sole purpose of building it was because I saw someone build a similar website in React.js and however me not knowing the framework at the time, used to think in HTML & CSS and thereby I built it, maybe as a challenge? (maybe to prove I can do it, even better, I think?)

In fact, when I look at some liquid transitions of Windows - I think (hardcore heavy) CSS :oof:

Even when I see good videos with animations and illustration, I think Figma's Prototyping rather than Adobe After Effects.

So you see, there's a pattern about building things with the tools we know.

I know there is a better tool out there, but me being comfortable about the tools I know - think in those terms.

Being in that comfort zone is actually risky.

And maybe that's why we should explore all the tools. And then finally identify for ourselves.

Be a T-shaped generalist.

Sahil Patel

Being a depth wise learner for some and a breadth-wise learner all time.

A T-shaped simply implies: Jack of all trades, master of one.