Things to learn from Laal Singh

Here is an incomplete list of reflections derived from the observations from the protagonist of the infamous movie — Laal Singh Chaddha. A bollywood remake of Forrest Gump.

  • Be a good storyteller.
  • Always listen to your mother.
  • Always have a child-like innocent mind.
  • Show up for the people who you love.
  • Having a naïve way to look helps avoid certain thoughts that drain mental peace.
  • Help your friends reach their goal.
  • Help everyone who asks for help, thanklessly.
  • Give your supposed enemy the benefit of doubt.
  • Say Aaho (Yes) to every opportunity.
  • Love is eternal and unconditional.

This movie makes me feel emotional, mushy and makes me want to do good in life. This is a movie that I would want to keep watching to remind me what to be and what not to be.