Labs Key

On a random Saturday, I came to the college's library. I often come here — it is where I find the most peace.

It is this closed, decently-lit, chill (quite literally) room in the old building of our college.

After sitting for a quite a while, I went for a walk in the corridor. There I met this person from the oftencollege staff - he usually helps the college with a lot of jobs.

He also helped a LOT during the offline hackathon we organized after the pandemic. Helping with the labs' and rooms' keys, AC remotes, permissions, et cetera.

I was the PoC (Point of Contact) for him throughout the Hackathon and essentially I saved his name as — Labs Key. Well, because I did not know his name.

After the Hackathon, I often ask how he is doing, whenever I see him. Not because I might need some help from him, but just because he always smiled at me.

After I would ask him about his day, he would smile, nod and ask me — "Kaise ho aap, Tusar" (How are you, Tushar). He had a sweet Bihari accent, that would make him say "sh" as "sa".

I would also call him, when a room is locked or if the AC is not working and he would come to help within minutes.

Point being, he is usually in the new building of our college, but I met him here in the old building and we just smiled.

I headed back to the library. The best part was he was wearing this pitch blue denim shirt. I had never seen him in that shirt and it looked just electrically fantastic. When I realized this I was about to enter the library, I thought — Why not even go tell him?

Our words are very powerful. Very strong, essentially if we use them rightly.

And well, I do not like to regret. I took a U-turn, and walked where I was before. He smiled again and said - "Aap aaj yahan kaise?" (How are you here today?)

I told I just came to Library. And I kept my hand on his arm - "Aaj ye shirt bahut achhi lag rahi hai" (This shirt is looking good on you.) And he said thank you and wished me luck for my exams.

As I headed towards the library, I felt good about myself, even though the compliment was given and not recieved.

I could feel the fresh blood flowing. I could feel the air racing, breathing through.

A different energy in the body altogether. Felt happy, truly happy.

Maybe the secret to happiness is to make someone else happy.

It just feels good. Seeking that innocent smile. Exchanging the smiles.

Just being there for each other.