Like mother, like son


I do not like birthdays, mother's day, teacher's day, friendship day, etc. Seems very superficial, having to celebrate it like this.

I never really understood the meaning of these days or enjoyed the days either. But here I am, wishing and writing about it.

Grid with three picture and caption at the center: Everyday is mother's day

Because now I understand, these days are not to celebrate or to wish them or show them love (since we do not need a specific day to be affectionate or show fondness); but reflect on our journey and be grateful.

Although, I posted on Twitter about it, but I want to have this on my wall of art.

For me writing is a form of art and I want it to live forever, in my definitions of infinity.

Like mother, like son

As a kid, my mother always pushed me take part in extracurriculars — dance, fancy dress, street plays, skating, drawing, etc.

This is from a historic play last year — she played the king, I played the narrator.

It was our first time on stage, together.

Stage Picture

A picture from a dance-drama play of Krishna's Meerabai: with Tushar's mother dressed up as an Indian king in a robe with a sword and Tushar dressed up in traditional with traditional (male) jewellery with a musical instrument, playing as a narrator.

She is the one pushes us for investments, savings, playing the long game. She's absolutely amazing at stakeholder management.

No, she's not an analyst.

She's a homemaker, who left her job when we were born.

As I get to know her better; as I grow into an adult trying to understand her, as another adult —

She is sporting, is sarcastic, funny, (street) smart, charming, dreamy, kind and ambitious.

A picture of Tushar's mother on the airport runway with a suitcase in hand and a purse on shoulder

She loves to dance, do yoga, wants to learn how to drive, wants to be fluent in english, and so much more.

She's the true embodiment of a sporting spirit and love.

She has made the three men in her house reach where they are today.

A picture from one of the fairs on an open crowd. Left to right: Aakash (brother), Tushar, Father, Mother.

I am not so sure if I believe in God.

But I've seen God on the other end of the umbilical cord.