I did not have my breakfast one of the days when I was running to college. On my way, I saw a fruit stall. I thought of buying the most portable and convenient fruit - banana.

I purchased two of them. Total cost - 10 ruppees. I do not carry cash in this cashless economy. I scanned the QR code and when I did so - the young man, about my age I think, asked me if the name that appeared after scanning was - Jeeshan Ali. I nodded and made the payment of 10 bucks.

While he was wrapping those two bananas in a bag, I asked him if he had kept a Roza, guessed from the Muslim name. Roza is Ramadan fasting - in the Islamic religion. I knew about that since the festival was around the corner and some of my close friends do keep Roza. Plus I sympathise for them because it is very difficult for someone like me.

He smiled and nodded. He pointed to his father behind the four-wheel stall, and said that they both have kept it. He asked me if I had kept it too, assuming I was Muslim given I asked him about it.

I smiled and I said I haven't and that I had college today. However, I said that my brother had kept it. My brother keeps Roza once in a while every season, I am assuming for pyschological reasons. I believe maybe because religion is a better motivator (for fasting) than internal motivation (for a diet). But that human ideation is a story for later.

While he handed me the polythene bag of bananas, he gently smiled and said - "Time mile toh aap bhi Roza rakh lena". (If you get the time, then please keep one day.)

I low-key had tears in my eyes as I continued my ride to college. I do not understand why that had happened. Was it because even if we had no relation, yet we both had asked each other about Roza. Was it because he just in a very harmless way just asked me to keep a fast if I'd get the time? Was it because he just wanted me to respect and follow the religious tradition that has been going on?

Or was it just because I hadn't seen such innocence and care in someone eyes without seeking something in return in the longest time?